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    HYOT has officially launched in the Huobi ECO Chian (Heco) and open the mine pool! Welcome to participate! For more details, please visit (hyot.io).


Heco PayYoda is an important aggregator of PayYoda ecology in the DeFi sector. Through its governance token HYOT, it provides the most complete ecological aggregation service for DeFi investors, and simplifies the complicated world of DeFi for users who are not familiar with technical operation or want to trade with less investment.


PayYoda is more focused on providing payment protocol and open-source development platform. In order to incentivize ecological builders and participants, PayYoda issues ecological native Token: YOT, which is used to realize the reward system in the platform and the distribution of interests of all parties.

About HYOT

HYOT is a decentralized governance token based on the Heco, focusing on the expansion and construction of DeFi applications, aiming to build a complete open financial ecosystem. Easy circulation, easy storage, scarcity, and anti-counterfeiting are the core advantages of HYOT.
HYOT provides the most complete ecological aggregation service for DeFi investors, and simplifies the ever complex DeFi ecological world for users who are not familiar with technical operation or want to trade and interact with less investment. While maintaining ecological liquidity, HYOT also undertakes a variety of functions, including fee payment, platform governance, insurance services, risk management, derivative asset synthesis, partner incentive, etc.
Total issuance of HYOT: 12 million

the concept background of HYOT

  • 1.Diversity of investment
  • 2.Value basis of investment
  • 3.Convenience of investment
  • existing
  • market problem
  • 1.Lack of investment diversity
  • 2.Investment value is weak
  • 3.The user threshold is too high
  • HYOT
  • solving

Hyot thinks that the three biggest pain points of encryption economy are lack of diversity of choices, weak value foundation and high user threshold. And solving these three pain points is also the eternal demand of the development of encryption economy. The most fundamental goal of hyot is to make the encryption economy more healthy, so that more external users can participate in it.


derivative systems

Distributed infrastructure

As a decentralized financial aggregation ecology, HYOT solves problems from the perspective of application scenarios and user experience, and narrows the connection between current users and the underlying public chain.

Centralized application

Centralized applications are also an important part of the DeFi ecosystem. Centralized applications connected by HYOT include exchanges, OTC platforms, lending platforms and independent third-party institutions.

Decentralized application

With the development of decentralized applications, HYOT will connect more decentralized applications, including decentralized exchanges, decentralized stablecoins, decentralized off-exchange platforms, decentralized lending platforms, oracles, etc.

PayYoda Ecological Plans

PayYoda has never stopped exploring in the field of decentralization. In order to continuously create more innovative solutions to improve the experience of users, PayYoda has developed a trilogy of ecological plans, and it will be fully implemented in 2021.

PaYoda DAO
Community Governance Fund

PayYoda received an initial strategic investment of US$15 million from DTOGT Capital to jointly build the PayYoda DAO Community Governance Fund and help the ecological construction of PayYoda. PayYoda will extend the construction of a DAO community governance fund for the purpose of ecological incentives/return to the users of the co-governance community. In the follow-up, all product revenues under the PayYoda ecosystem will have 50% of the profit go into the PayYoda DAO Community Governance Fund, which will be used to continuously encourage/repay community users and allow users to obtain exclusive co-governance rights to participate in the PayYoda ecosystem. In the future, users with HYOT can obtain the right to vote in the PayYoda co-governance ecosystem in the future.PayYoda will adopt a co-governance model suitable for itself and the market to create a prosperous ecosystem that is forward-looking and full of infinite possibilities.

Landing application: PayYoda multi-chain aggregation wallet

In order to achieve efficient links between users, assets and decentralized applications, lower the barriers to application landing and growth, and allow users and developers to enjoy an efficient and low-cost on-chain aggregation experience, PayYoda will integrate the advantages of existing mainstream wallets Function, through the traffic aggregation empowerment of the DeFi sector HYOT, develop and construct an ecological landing application with multi-chain aggregation as the core, and bring stable, convenient and high-quality experience on-chain aggregation services to PayYoda ecological users, and help the healthy development of PayYoda ecology.

PayYoda aggregation application can be imported from multiple wallets, multi-terminal support (IOS/Android), and supports multiple public chain assets (BTC, ETH, TRX, HECO, OKCHAIN, BSC); supports multi-chain third-party DApp, DeFi aggregation application module (Aggregate multi-chain DEX, enjoy the latest user experience and technological innovation); It also has functions such as market display, flash exchange function, financial lending and batch transfer.

List in the top exachange to promote industry integration

In order to implement the global layout of PayYoda ecology, PayYoda plans to list top global exchanges in the industry in 2021. Meanwhile, PayYoda will carry out in-depth cooperation in the global market around blockchain resource sharing, community building, application landing, and traffic expansion. By integrating the advantages of all parties, information advantages, service advantages, and technological advantages, we will carry out close cooperation and deepen consensus, promote the implementation of PayYoda ecological application, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the blockchain industry.

PayYoda Technology LTD.

PayYoda Technology LTD. is a global digital financial services industry solution provider with independent technical support. Its concept is to create, develop, calculate and distribute related services with a customer-centric, technology first approach. Using the leading project operation mode and capital investment ideas, the company has entered the digital finance field.

PayYoda Technology LTD. is committed to innovation in the field of digital finance and is benefiting from the continuous significant shift from active investment strategy to passive investment strategy. Although headquartered in Canada, its core clients are from all over the world, including major investment banks, ETF providers and hedge funds.

Endorsement & license of PayYoda

PayYoda has obtained the full support from the YOT Foundation LTD., and its exploration and construction in the field of payment has been fully supported and affirmed by the foundation. Meanwhile, PayYoda has successively obtained the United States MSB and Canada MSB, and PayYoda has never stopped on the road of standardized development.


HYOT has officially launched in the Huobi ECO Chian (Heco) and open the mine pool! Welcome to participate! For more details, please visit (hyot.io).